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Volume Two Collection
Bacon's not a food, it's a lifestyle.

This 94 page, full-color second volume of Calamities of Nature comics features:

• Most of the comics posted in the online archives during the second year of Calamities of Nature

• An introduction written by Zach Weiner, creator of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

• Twelve bonus comics that are not available in the online archives along with creator commentary, including a comic I made just in case John McCain won the 2008 US presidential election

PDF - $6

US/Canada - $15 + $5 S&H

International - $15 + $9 S&H

Volumes One and Two
Bacon's not a food, it's a lifestyle.

Save money by buying both Volume One and Volume Two together!

US/Canada - $28 + $7 S&H

International - $28 + $15 S&H
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